Our Story

It was a warm Northern California evening when Kerrie and George first met at beauty college – yes, beauty college! That’s where our story begins. It was instant chemistry when Kerrie and George met. As fate would have it, a couple of years after completing beauty college, they found themselves working side by side in the same small family-run salon. Two years later, they became Mr. and Mrs. Brandau. This story is not only a love story between two people, but it is a love story of an incredible industry and a beautiful career.

The Brandaus changed salons a few times, trying to find the right fit, but to no avail. With their entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to open their own salon and day spa in Los Gatos, California. One of the greatest challenges that they faced in running their salon was attracting the right stylists and estheticians who would fit into their salon business model and structure. They spent a lot of time recruiting and working with the local beauty colleges, giving free classes to the students and supporting their events.

Looking back on a wonderful 30-year career as hairstylists and salon owners, the Brandaus can recall numerous times they struggled to find that right place to work, and as salon owners, struggled to find that perfect fit for their salon team.

The Brandaus created Salonch to finally solve that problem that plagues the beauty industry. With their comprehensive understanding of the salon, spa, and barbershop industries (from the perspective of the salon professional, as well as the salon owner), Kerrie and George created Salonch to address all of the specific aspects needed to attract an ideal team.

The Brandaus ultimate goal is to elevate the industry by providing the information that beauty industry professionals need to make an informed decision on the right place to work. This will help owners and professionals have a more thriving and fulfilling career.