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Salonch – APP OF THE DAY Interview with the founder of Salonch a fantastic app!

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

No, my experience is in the beauty industry, which has given me the insight to solve problems that beauty industry professionals face.

What was the most challenging aspect of developing a mobile app?

Finding the right development team to work with.

Name a few of your favorite apps and the reasons you love them.

Vagaro is one of the first scheduling and client management apps for small salons and independent beauty professionals. This app is easy to use and designed well for the beauty industry. I am also a huge fan of Airbnb because of its variety of accommodations, but what I think makes this app stand out is its fantastic design.

How long have you been working on the Salonch app?

We have been developing Salonch and beta testing for two years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Salonch is now available nationwide in the US.

What user need did you have in mind when developing the Salonch app?

One of the biggest challenges beauty establishment owners face is finding the right beauty industry professionals to join their team. Salonch allows owners to showcase what makes their business unique, what they are looking for in a team member, and what they have to offer the beauty professional for employment or rental. Owners are now able to attract a team that will be the right fit for their business model, structure, and team culture. With the Salonch app, the beauty professional can now make an informed decision about which salon, spa, or barbershop is the right match for them.

In what way do you believe Salonch is better than similar apps on the market? Please describe in detail what innovation Salonch brings and what you are most proud of the Salonch app.

Salonch is the only platform where beauty professionals can go to learn all the detailed information that is important to them in finding the right beauty establishment opportunities. Each salon has its own vibe, structure, and mission, and each beauty professional has their own unique personality, style, and career goals. Salonch allows owners to attract their ideal team by providing the beauty pro with the information that they need to make an informed career decision.

Other platforms simply allow owners to post job listings. These listings provide very little information and aren’t effective in attracting the desired candidate, which ends up wasting the owner’s time and money.

Salonch was created for the beauty industry, by beauty professionals. We understand the industry’s needs, and we are proud to be offering this solution.

What are the future plans and coming features of the Salonch app?

The newest feature being released this month for the Salonch app will be a beauty client feature. This feature will allow beauty clients to find salons, spas, and barbershops to receive their beauty services. Beauty consumers have a need for finding beauty establishments that fit their personality, their style, service needs, and budget. With the Salonch app, they will be able to search by town or city for the type of establishment that they are interested in. They can view a photo gallery of the salon, read about the salon, view the salon service and product menus, read bios of the beauty professionals, bookmark their favorites, call the salon for an appointment directly through the app, and so much more.

What do you want to ask readers of this article?

Find your salon, spa, or barbershop tribe by downloading the free Salonch app today! Share Salonch with your friends! Salonch is for beauty professionals and beauty lovers alike. Check it out – it’s easy and fun!

About the App

Salonch is a mobile app that connects beauty industry professionals seeking employment with the right salon, spa, or barbershop. With Salonch, owners showcase what makes their business unique, what they are looking for in a team member, and what they have to offer the beauty professional for employment or rental. The beauty professional can search for a specific type of salon, spa, or barbershop in the city or town they desire to work. They can then learn detailed information about each establishment in their search and what career opportunities each has to offer. They can bookmark their favorites and contact the owner directly through the app. Salonch helps beauty professionals make an informed decision about which salon, spa or barbershop is the right match for them so that they can build a thriving career. Owners are now able to attract a team that will be the right fit for their business model, structure, and team culture.

Founder’s Bio

Kerrie Brandau, co-founder, and CEO of Salonch is passionate about developing the best technology to help salon, spa, and barbershop owners find the right beauty professionals to join their team and helping beauty professionals find the right place to grow their career. “I am excited to share the Salonch app with the beauty industry! As a former salon and day spa owner, and cosmetologist with thirty years of experience in the beauty industry, I understand the pain points of small business ownership, staff retention, and staff recruitment firsthand. This is why I designed and created the Salonch app with my team,” Brandau explains. “This new technology allows owners to showcase what their business has to offer to attract the right beauty professional seeking employment or rental space. Salonch empowers the beauty professional to learn detailed information about the establishments, and enables them to make an informed decision on their future workplace,” says Brandau. Salonch helps both the beauty professionals and the salon, spa, and barbershop owners find their right team.

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