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Introducing a New Partnership with Eyes On Cancer and Salonch

Salonch is proud to share a great certification program offered through Eyes On Cancer|SkyMD Teledermatology to educate and help beauty professionals in spotting possible cancerous growths and precancerous growths on their salon, spa or barbershop guests to help save lives.


Beauty and wellness professionals have a unique vantage point with their guests that can result in spotting suspicious growths on one’s scalp, neck, back or other locations that may otherwise go unnoticed. Through proper education, beauty and wellness professionals are empowered to inform their guests of possible cancerous growths.


Eyes On Cancer, a program of SkyMD Teledermatology, trains and certifies beauty and wellness professionals in spotting early signs of skin cancer on their guests and to encourage them to promptly see a medical physician. SkyMD Teledermatology is a national online medical dermatology practice that is ready to provide evaluations, treatment plans and prescription medication for guests in need of physician services.


Eyes On Cancer|SkyMD allows patients to upload photos of any skin disorder to the SkyMD platform, where a board-certified dermatologist will diagnose, propose treatment and prescribe medication. Now beauty and wellness professionals can become trained and certified through SkyMD Teledermatology to help identify suspicious growths and refer the guest to the SkyMD platform.


Beauty and wellness professionals are the largest nonmedical professionals who see people’s skin and scalps most often: they are perfectly positioned to be front line defenders in spotting signs of skin cancer and impacting the number of skin cancer cases diagnosed and treated. Eyes On Cancer|SkyMD is extremely excited to be in partnership with Salonch, to help spread awareness and encourage every professional to get trained to spot skin abnormalities on their guests. Together we can save lives!


With this partnership, Salonch will increase awareness of the Eyes On Cancer|SkyMD Certification Program to help save lives, and Eyes On Cancer will help beauty professionals learn about Salonch so that they can find their beauty tribe and thrive!


To learn more about SkyMD, or to become Eyes On Cancer Certified, go to