What Is Salonch?
Salonch is a platform that connects beauty industry professionals seeking employment with the right salon, spa, or barbershop. Whether you’re a barber looking to work at a hip barbershop or an esthetician searching for the right spa, the beauty professional can find what they are looking for with Salonch. Each salon has its own vibe, structure, and mission, and each beauty professional has their own unique personality, style, and career goals. With Salonch, finding the perfect fit is now easier than ever before.
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Salon Owners
One of the biggest challenges beauty establishment owners face is finding the right beauty industry professionals to join their team. With Salonch, owners showcase what makes their business unique, what they are looking for in a team member, and what they have to offer the beauty professional for employment or rental. Owners are now able to attract a team that will be the right fit for their business model, It’s easy to add your business to Salonch…More

Beauty Professionals
With Salonch, beauty industry professionals can explore, learn, and discover career opportunities! The beauty professional can search for a specific type of salon, spa, or barbershop in the city or town they desire to work. They can then learn detailed information about each establishment in their search and what career opportunities each has to offer. They can bookmark their favorites and contact the owner directly through the platform…More

I am excited for all of my friends in the beauty industry and how this app is going to make their lives easier and for them to be better connected to all of the right people. It sounds like it will be a win-win for both salon owners and stylists, as this app will allow them to tailor their employment and employee needs so that everyone gets exactly what they want. Go Salonch!
The creators have built an app that brings the beauty and salon community together. Looking for a great gig at the right place. Start your journey with Salonch.
As a salon owner it is hard to find good staff. Salonch is definitely a great way for stylists to check out the salons in their area and see who is the best fit!
Great, from a salon owner’s standpoint this app is the most thorough app to showcase your business for attracting staff. Much better then expensive want ads!
Must have for stylist! Stunning photos, easy to use and great for finding the best fit for you. Overall innovative concept and useful tool!
This app is incredible wish it was available when I was looking to find the right salon. It takes most of the footwork out and saves a lot of time. It Rocks!!!
Speaking as a stylist, I definitely recommend Salonch. It helps you look into the salons before working there. So there will be less turnover in the salon world. I wish I could have used it when I was looking for a new salon.
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